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Traditional natural medicine by Phyto-acupressure.

+ 73%* improvement in the overall quality of your sleep.
*Clinical study No. 17/YT/SOM/079 under medical control - April 2017 - carried out on 27 adults, self-assessment of sleep quality (numerical scale of 1 to 10)

Ylo's product range

Phyto-acupressure is the combination of phytotherapy and acupressure.

Ylo Sleep

+ 73%* improvement in the overall quality of your sleep.


Ylo Sleep was specially developed to fight against sleep disorders: difficulties falling asleep, nocturnal wakening, agitated sleep, early-morning wakening.

*Clinical study N. 17/YT/SOM/079 under medical control – April 2017 – carried out on 27 adults, self-assessment of sleep quality on a numerical scale of 1 (very poor)to 10 (excellent)
Ylo Headaches

Relieves 83% of headaches and reduces their frequency by 44%.*


Ylo Headaches was specially developed to fight against tension in the head and tight band around the head.

* Clinical study No. 17/YT/MDT/0491 under medical control - March 2017 - 31 adults - (1)% of headaches relieved after exclusive use of Ylo Headache (N= 279 headaches per month after two months of exclusive Ylo Headache use compared to a one-month observation period without use of Ylo Headache
Ylo Digestion

43%* decrease in bloating intensity in the first week.


Specially developed to relieve digestive disorders, primarly bloating and heaviness

*Clinical study No.17/YT/MDV/080 under medical control – April 2017 - carried out on 27 adults, SC = self-assessment of bloating intensity on a numerical scale of 1 (very intense) to 10 (very low). Statement of results on a 10-SC scale in % regarding the evolution compared to Day 0
Ylo Respiration - Nasal obstruction

80%* of subjects felt a relief from respiratory disorders from the third day.

Nasal obstruction

Ylo Respiration - Nasal obstruction was especially developed to relieve a blocked nose, runny nose, irritation and sneezing.

*Clinical Study N. 17/ YT/OBN/081 under medical control – May 2017 – carried out on 27 adults, percentage of subjects having felt a relief in symptoms: blocked nose, nasal discharge, sneezing


1. Locate
the acupressure areas
with the help of the guide

2. Apply
the specific plant active concentrate
to the areas

3. Activate
the acupressure areas by pressing
on them with the 2 stainless steel
tips of the Phyto-Acupressure pen

A few figures

75 %(1)

of the French population
has used complementary medicine
at least once


launch date of the Ylo product range

87 %(2)

of those who use
Ylo Sleep wish to
continue its use

¹ WHO Strategy for Traditional Medicine 2002-2005

² Clinical study N.17/YT/SOM/079 under medical control – April 2017 – carried out on 27 adults, self-assessement of sleep quality on a numerical scale of 1 (very poor) to 10 (excellent)

Discover the Ylo app

With the Ylo app, you can:

- Carry out your protocol at any time of day
- Obtain personalised advice
- Monitor the improvement of your disorders after every use


It's terrific, Ylo is a natural solution that respects my body and is highly effective!

Isabelle, Coye la Forêt

After a ten-day use, my sleep went back to normal: good restful sleep like I hadn't experienced in a long time. I was astonished because I wasn't counting on such a glaring result. So I carry on with my little routine. Thank you, Ylo!

Claire, Luxembourg

As competitive examinations drew nearer, the stress increased and recurrent headaches poisoned my days. I tried out various natural products that had little to no effect. Then Ylo came along and the headaches disappeared or significantly attenuated after a few days. I was truly surprised... what a relief. It is easy to use, compact, and forces me to practice a little self-care... Now I can't wait to try out Ylo Sleep in order to achieve a state of total well-being!

Clémence, Issy-les-Moulineaux

I am the mother of Daniel, who is 9 years old. He has chronic allergic rhinitis with nasal obstruction, a stuffy nose, and sneezing. I appreciate traditional medicine because it has no side effects. The clinical studies displayed on the packaging made me want to try Ylo on my son. The product is easy to use: Daniel understood everything and he now uses Ylo by himself. It provides immediate results, particularly with a stuffy nose and sneezing. We are thrilled with this discovery.

Hoai-Bich, Orléans

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