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We strongly believe in the effectiveness of traditional natural medicine for improving our quality of life and we developed Ylo to make it accessible to all.


Doctor of Pharmacy - Paris 11
University Degree in Chinese Medicine - Paris 6

Laurent de GASQUET

General Management Program of the INSEAD

At the core of the Ylo product range lies the double medical heritage of Y-Nhi, combining convention with tradition. On the one hand, she pursued pharmaceutical studies in her grandfather's footsteps, who was a professor of conventional medicine. On the other hand, her grandmother shared her secret plant-based remedies with her.

During a trip to Asia, Y-Nhi discovered that these remedies stem from another medical discipline known as "traditional" medicine, which is based on the principle of attaining mind-body balance.

She therefore decided to pursue training in Asia and in France at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Integrated Centre for Chinese medicine.

It is the synergy of these two sciences that lie at the heart of every Ylo product.

Y-Nhi and Laurent met in 2015. Expert in "self-care" health products, Laurent personally and professionally explored traditional medicine and is firmly convinced of their effectiveness.

Fueled by their shared desire communicate the benefits of this millenarian medicine system, Y-Nhi and Laurent decided to launch their start-up together!

Happiness is a way of life,
but one must learn the way to achieve it.

Matthieu Ricard, neurobiologist and writer


Scientific innovation is at the heart of our products. Since 2013, our R&D relies on an academic and university-based collaboration which resulted in a joint patent with the Paris Public Hospital Authority (AP-HP) and Sorbonne University.

We are strongly supported by leading universities specializing in traditional medicine, both in France and abroad, such as the Sun Yat-Sen University in Canton and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Our international scientific committee ISCIAM*, composed of both traditional and conventional medicine and pharmacy research professors, allows us to nurture critical thinking and to keep abreast of the latest research advances.

* ISCIAM : International Scientific Committee for Integrative and Applied Medicine


We must not bring traditional medicine into opposition with western medicine. In the context of primary health care, the two can harmoniously complement one another.

Dr Margaret CHAN

Director-General of WHO from 2007 to 2017

Traditional Asian millenarian medicine is based on the concept of energy flow and circulation in the body, which governs and controls all its activities. These flows are continuously circulating in the body, following invisible paths, called meridians.

The meridians are defined and mapped out, connecting the surface of the skin to deep organs and viscera. When the energy flow in these channels is unbalanced or blocked, physiological disorders appear. The aim of traditional medicine is to harmonize the circulation of these energy flows in the meridians, particularly by acting on specific areas that are well identified on the skin, called acupressure areas.

Phyto-acupressure is the synergistic combination of a plant formula and an acupressure pen exerting pressure on acupressure areas.

Traditional medicine is very ancient. It is the sum of all knowledge, skills, and practices based on theories, beliefs, and different cultures' experiences, whether explicable or not, which are used in health preservation as well as in the prevention, diagnosis, amelioration, or treatment of physical or mental illnesses.*

*WHO Definition

Did you know?

In Vietnam, traditional medicine practitioners must be university graduates and the public health system fully reimburses acupuncture and hebal medicine treatment.

In Japan, 80 % of doctors use traditional medicine in everyday practice*.

In Singapor, 76 % of residents use traditional medicine*.

In Korea, 86 % of residents use traditional medicine due to cultural and historical influences*

In China, 90 % of general hospitals have a traditional medicine department*.


Our commitments aim to ensure that you receive a product that meets our quality, security, efficiency, and sustainability requirements.


Raw materials and components are carefully selected, stored, and transported. The manufacturing site complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for pharmaceuticals to ensure product quality.


The products have been developed for maximum safety, allowing use by pregnant women, children over the age of 3, but also by patients in supportive care.

The active plant concentrates are formulated, developed, and produced in France.

The products have been tested to confirm excellent cutaneous tolerance. No animal testing was performed.


All products have been tested for effectiveness in specialized research centres. They have been evaluated by experienced physicians using relevant methodologies and rigorous statistical analyses.


Our vision is that of a company committed to a responsable approach at every step of its industrial process: R&D, purchasing, transportation, manufacturing, distribution, marketing.

We are constantly trying to improve our components recyclability. Our carton boxes, packaging, leaflets and linen sleeves are already recyclable.

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