Ylo Digestion is specially developed to relieve digestive disorders, principally bloating and heaviness.

The Japanese Cnidium: relieves belly pains

Ginger: helps digestion and eases intestinal transit

Sweet Orange: dissipates sensation of heaviness


– 1 Phyto-acupressure pen, 1 Digestion plant active concentrate – approximately 40 days of use, 4 ml.
– 1 acupressure areas guidebook and 1 pen pouch.

The use of Ylo Digestion effectively improves digestive disorders.

The pen is compatible with all refill bottles.

Natural solution, suitable for sensitive skin, does not cause dependence.


Suitable for pregnant women.

Suitable for children over 3.

43%* decrease in bloating intensity in the first week.

*Clinical study No.17/YT/MDV/080 under medical control – April 2017 - carried out on 27 adults, SC = self-assessment of bloating intensity on a numerical scale of 1 (very intense) to 10 (very low). Statement of results on a procentual 10-SC scale of the evolution compared to Day 0

Japanese Cnidium

Latin name: Cnidium officinale Mak.

Botanic family: Apiaceae

Plant part used: rhizome

Geographical distribution: East and South-East Asia.

Uses in traditional medicine: the Cnidium in Japan is known for relieving pain and invigorating circulation. The plant’s rhizomes are used in Chinese (chuan xiong), in Vietnamese (Xuyên khung), in Korean (chungung), and in Japanese (senkyu) pharmacopoeia.


Latin name: Zingiber officinale Rosc.

Botanical family: Zingiberaceae

Plant part used: rhizome

Geographical distribution: Asia, Africa.

Uses in traditional medicine: ginger is known to help digestion and ease the intestinal transit. It warms up the median part of the body, and activates circulation. The plant’s rhizome is used in Chinese (gan jiang), in Vietnamese (gung), in Korean (saeng gang), and in Japanese (shoga) pharmacopoeia.

Sweet orange

Latin name: Citrus aurantium L. var. dulcis

Botanical family: Rutaceae

Plant part used: peel

Geographical distribution: all continents.

Uses in traditional medicine: citrus family is known for alleviating bloating, reducing flatulence and discomfort caused by food stagnation. Orange peel is used in Chinese (Zhishi, chenpi), in Vietnamese (cam), in Korean (olenji kkeobjil), and in Japanese (orenjipiru) pharmacopoeia.

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Ylo Digestion provides a feeling of well-being.

Isaure, 27 years old, Paris

Ylo Digestion is an effective natural treatment.

Erwan, 39 years old, Rennes

Ylo Digestion relieves pain.

Clémence, 46 years old, Boulogne

Ylo Digestion has an immediate effect on pain and heaviness.

Cynthia, 31 years old, Bellefontaine

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