Ylo Respiration – Nasal obstruction was especially developed to relieve a blocked nose, runny nose, irritation and sneezing.

The Korean Saposhnikovia: fights nasal discharge and moisture

The Oriental cocklebur: decongests the nasal passages

The Magnolia: calms mucous membrane irritation

– 1 Respiration – nasal obstruction plant active concentrate refill, approximately 30 days of use, 4 ml
– 1 acupressure areas guidebook.


The effectiveness of Ylo Respiration – Nasal obstruction is felt as of the first applications.

The pen is compatible with all refill bottles.

Natural solution, suitable for sensitive skin, does not cause dependence.


Suitable for pregnant women.

Suitable for children over 3.


Its effectiveness is acclaimed by 78%* of subjects as of the first week.

*Clinical Study N. 17/ YT/OBN/081 under medical control – May 2017 – carried out on 27 adults, percentage of subjects having felt a relief in symptoms: blocked nose, nasal discharge, sneezing

Korean Saposhnikovia

Latin name: Saposhnikovia divaricata (Turcz.) Schischk or Ledebouriella divaricata (Turcz.) Hiroe

Botanical family: Apiaceae

Plant part used: root

Geographical distribution: Asia and South-East Asia.

Uses in traditional medicine: Saposhnikovia is known for fighting nasal discharge and removeing damp. It is used in Chinese (fang feng), in Vietnamese (phong phong), in Korean (bangpung), and in Japanese (bofu) pharmocopoeia.

Oriental cocklebur

Latin name: Xanthium strumarium Patr.

Botanical family: Asteracea

Plant part used: fruit

Geographical distribution: Europe, Asia, Africa, America.

Uses in traditional medicine: Oriental cocklebur is known for decongesting nose, removing damp and soothing pain. The plant’s fruits are used in Chinese (cang er zi), in Vietnamese (ke dâu ngua), in Korean (changiza), and in Japanese (onamomi) pharmacopoeia.


Latin name: Magnolia biondii Pamp.

Botanical family: Magnoliaceae

Plant part used: flower

Geographical distribution: East Asia and America.

Uses in traditional medicine: magnolia is known for soothing mucous membrane irritation. It is used in Chinese (xin yi), in Vietnam (tan di hoa), in Korean (moglyeon) and in Japanese (Shin’iseihaito) pharmacopoeia.

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Ylo Respiration is easy to apply, immediate effect, pleasant smell.

Jules, 22 years old, Guéret

Ylo Respiration improves breathing and creates a state of well-being.

Elsa, 38 years old, Bergerac

Ylo Respiration is effective, the effects appear after a few minutes. I am very satisfied with the use of the product.

Thibaut, 49 years old, La Baule

Ylo Respiration improves rhinitis disorders without having to take medications internally.

Clotilde, 29 years old, Paris

Still a little patience, the application is not yet downloadable
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