Ylo Sleep was specially developed to fight against sleep disorders: difficulties falling asleep, nocturnal wakening, agitated sleep, early-morning wakening.

Ylo also reduces stress, fatigue and anxiety.

Angelica sinensis: acts on chronic fatigue

Silk tree: fights against sadness and insomnia

White peony: calms anxiety

Siberian ginseng: smoothes and stills the mind

Included :
– 1 Sleep plant active concentrate refill, approximately 20 days of use, 4 ml.
– 1 acupressure areas guide.

Ylo Sleep signifcantly reduces sleep disorders.

The pen is compatible with all refill bottles.

Natural solution, suitable for sensitive skin, without causing dependence, and without melatonin.


Suitable for pregnant women.

Suitable for children over 3.

Does not cause daytime sleepiness.


+ 73%* improvement in the overall quality of your sleep.


*Clinical study N. 17/YT/SOM/079 under medical control – April 2017 – carried out on 27 adults, self-assessment of sleep quality on a numerical scale of 1 (very poor)to 10 (excellent)

Angelica sinensis

Latin name: Angelica sinensis (Oliv.) Diels.

Botanical family: Apiaceae

Plant part used: root

Geographical distribution: South-East Asia.

Uses in traditional medicine: Angelica sinensis is known for fighting against chronic fatigue and strengthening flows. It is used in Chinese (dang gui), in Vietnamese (duong qui), in Korean (tanggui), and in Japanes (toki) pharmacopoeia.

Silk tree

Latin name: Albizia julibrissin Durazz.

Botanical family: Fabaceae

Plant part used: flower

Geographical distribution: South-East Asia, Europe, United States.

Uses in traditional medicine: The silk tree is known for combatting sadness and insomnia. It soothes the mind, nourishes the heart. The flower and the bark are used in Chinese (he huan), in Korean (jag wi na mu), and in Japanese (nenunoki) pharmacopoeia. In China, the plant is better known as “happy flower” while in Japan it is known as “sleeping tree.”

White peony

Latin name: Paeonia albiflora (lactiflora) Pall.

Botanical name: Paeoniaceae.

Plant part used: root.

Geographical distribution: Asia.

Uses in traditional medicine: the white peony is known for calming anxiety and invigorating the energetic flow. It is used in the Chinese (bai shao), Vietnamese (bach thuoc), Korean (cham jag yak), and Japanese (shakuyaku) pharmacopoeias.

Siberian Ginseng

Latin name: Acanthopanax senticosus Harms or Eleutherococcus senticosus Maxim.

Botanical family: Arialiaceae.

Plant part used: root.

Geographical repartition Eastern Asia.

Uses in traditional medicine: the Siberian Ginseng is known for strengthening vitality and stilling the mind. It is used in the Chinese (ci wuj ia), Vietnamese (ngu gia gai), Korean (gasiogalpi), and Japanese (ezu ukogi) pharmacopoeias.

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I do not wake up at night and in the morning waking is easier.

Sonia, 29 years old, Orléans

Ylo Sleep is effective.

Catherine, 59 years old, Lyon

Ylo does not make you addicted.

Christian, 32 years old, Paris

Ylo is easy to use and carry.

Clémentine, 36 years old, Paris

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